The Process


During the initial consultation, Josh will meet with you to discuss your needs and wants. It is during this initial meeting that a development plan will start to form. After the scope is well defined, a budget will be put together. This is where Josh Zielke Homes operates a little differently,  Josh will bring in an architect to develop the plans to the budget as opposed to the plans defining the budget. By defining the budget and needs prior to design; Josh will guide the process to ensure that the  floor plan, elevations, details and budget objectives are achieved.  This makes the transition from concept to construction smooth and seamless, saving both time and money. 

While construction is under way, you will have a standing weekly meeting on the job site to discuss construction and selections. These meetings give you a platform to truly understand the construction process and how your home is put together. Josh believes that the more you understand about construction, the more confident you will be that you have chosen one of DFW's best builders.

Throughout the process, Josh will personally oversee the design, budget and construction of your project.  You will never by handed off or passed down to a project manager.