About Josh Zielke


As the former creative and construction partner for the Moderne Construction Group, Josh Zielke has now created his own company to better serve his clients. Josh wanted to get back to controlling all facets of the design, estimating, construction and warranty of his projects. He believes that his clients will be best served by having the owner of the company help design the project and run the construction project so that the details of the design can shine through in the home. Without the proper architecture plans, creative design, quality execution and personal service, a home will not be able to reach its potential and properly reflect the unique owners that live it in. Josh Zielke believes that the difference between building a spectacular home and a forgettable one is only a matter of effort. As long as you are going to go through the process of building or remodeling, you might as well have someone who cares about the finished design as much as you do. 

His true passion in life is helping to create homes that speak to both the owners and those that visit the home. He is passionate about building homes with character and finding the right balance between form and function. He is driven by the creative process and finds the most reward in seeing the space come to life. 

If you would like a company owner to have a vested interest in your next home, feel free to call or email Josh Zielke to set up an appointment.